How Often Do You Wash Your Car? 3 Advices

How often do you wash your car

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How often do you wash your car?

Your car talks of you, it’s part of your personality and we all know that it’s something important.

Car detailing is all about cleaning a car’s interior in full detail. That means cleaning the seats, washing the stains, the windows, the floors and then vacuum clean, wax, cream and polish your car. Also cleaning your engine, wheels, and headlights/taillights. Yor car needs to shine, outside and inside, because it have to make you feel comfortable and ride good.

A clean car can save maintenance problems, such as a dirty engine for example. But we should not limit a car’s wash to its body. A car’s interior is something very important to keep in mind. A clean car make such a good impression.

So, how often do you have to detail your car? Well, all cars are different, you have to understand yours but for general rule all cars need to be detail at least one time per month.

You can do it all times you want but you need to know that taking good care of your car and having it regularly detailed, help you prevent more costly issues from arising. Also you minimize the possibility of a future issue that can makes you spend a lot of money.

There are a lot of programs for washing a car, you need to choose  the one for you, and you can altern different kinds in different moments. 

Wash your car one time in fifteen days it’s a good practice, especially if you use it all days. Then you can mix it with another programs more specifics.

Another important thing are the products. We use high quality and eco friendly products all the times. Because it’s important for us to take care of the environment.

Also you need to consider the place where you live. If you have near lot of trees or an industrial area, construction sites or regions with lots of insects and bugs. You have to look at the weather, if you live in an area with hot or heavy rains, if it’s cool or snow.

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