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Exterior Car detailing

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Car detailing consists of the thorough cleaning of the car, both outside and inside. Car detailing leaves the vehicle brand new as it is all about washing, drying, decontaminating, polishing and waxing the car accurately and thoroughly. These actions rejuvenate the surface of the car. In addition, the detailing technique protects the car from dripping and tearing because it includes small repairs such as sanding or retouching scratches on the paint or upholstery.

Is there a difference between detailing and a standard car wash?

Of course! The quality of the products and the deep maintenance and cleaning knowledge applied during car detailing make the difference. Detailing gives the car a neat appearance comparable to a car that has just left the dealership. In addition, it does not damage the paint or cause damage to the surfaces, something that can happen in a standard wash.

Getting the car so shiny that it looks like a mirror comes with some knowledge that those who do a standard car wash don’t have. If the result you are looking for is perfection, detailing is the best option to achieve it.

Likewise, for the detailing technique to work in the most optimal way, it must be applied continuously. The clear benefits of detailing in terms of car maintenance make this technique a favorite of owners who love their vehicles.

Exterior Car detailing

The origin of car detailing 

The detailing technique emerged in the United States. Today it can be considered a hobby that fascinates thousands of people. 

On the internet you can find various forums dedicated exclusively to car detailing. Detailing has even expanded to ships, in a modality called boat detailing. Detailing, thanks to the enormous benefits it brings to vehicle maintenance, is gaining more fans every day.

What is interior and exterior car detailing

The best people are pretty on the outside and inside. The same thing happens with cars: it is useless for the exterior to be spotless if the interior smells bad, is full of dust or has spots and animal hair everywhere. Detailing is fixed on the outside and inside of the car alike, since its objective is to leave the car like it was new.

The beauty of exterior detailing

Exterior detailing involves vacuuming, restoring, and cleaning exterior vehicle components, such as tires, windows, and wheels, among other visible components. The products used in the process include, among others: polishes, waxes, detergents and degreasers.

Exterior detailing is not just a quick wash. A good auto retailer will make the car shine, minimize scratches on the surface, and maintain the paint to ensure complete vehicle protection.

We are going to describe, step by step, the process of detailing the exterior of the car.

Unlike the standard car wash, the detailing technique is done by hand. A good detailer would was every car’s corner, door handlebars, windows, rims and, in general, all the exterior parts. Anything that cannot be removed with normal products such as cleaners and detergents will be erased with special high-quality products, such as a claybar.

After detailing the entire surface of the car, it needs to dry to give it the shine it deserves. One it is dry, it is time to polish. Cars end up losing their characteristic shine over time. While polishing, the original shine is restored. The last step is sealing and wax. After the process, the car will appear fresh from the dealership.

Other exterior detailing services that can be performed include trim repainting, engine detailing, headlight polishing, engine pressure cleaning, bumper repair, small glass break repair, and paint touch-up.

The meticulousness of interior detailing

It is necessary to give the interior of the car as thorough cleaning as that of the living room or the kitchen, since it is a space in which we spend a lot of time a day. The interior of the car accumulates dust, dirt from shoes, dead skin, hair, makeup and can be damaged by sunlight.

The interior of the car requires a thorough cleaning and therefore the effort is greater compared to the exterior. However, a good maintenance of the car interior will avoid allergies, discomfort, bad odors and possible deterioration.

The first step in cleaning the interior of a car includes vacuuming seats, upholstery, boot, glove box and floors. To reach difficult areas, an air compressor is used. Then a steam machine is used to clean carpets and rugs. Thorough washing of the mats is performed to remove stains that have accumulated in recent years. The mats need to dry so that they do not accumulate humidity. Next step is cleaning the glasses. The glasses have to be treated with a special product. The product will bring put their shine and will get rid of stains that could obstruct the view of the driver.

If the upholstery of the car is made of leather, it is very important to use special products to keep it clean and out of damage. If the leather is dry, special creams can be used to moist it. If the upholstery is made of another material, the focus should be on dust and stain removal.

After this process it is necessary to vacuum again so that the final finish is impeccable. Finally, one can perfume the car for a perfect touch.

interior car detailing

Why is car detailing important?

There are different reasons for detailing a car. The main one is getting the vehicle to look like a brand new one. The satisfaction of owning a car that shines with the strength of the first day is incomparable. But, in addition, detailing can: increase the economic value of the vehicle at the time of sale, as it rejuvenates the car; clean up the appearance of vehicles that have not been well maintained and have visible damage; guarantee a better preservation of the vehicle in the long term and protect the car from external agents such as sun, rain and pollutants.

In conclusion, car detailing brings enormous benefits for car care and maintenance. If you can to detail your car, check our app and make your first appointment

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