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Cleaning the car is not only limited to the exterior and interior, you also have to pay attention to the heart of the machine; the motor. Detailing the engine is a necessary practice to keep it running smoothly. If the engine is not in good shape, it can break. Losing the engine can mean losing the car completely, as it is one of the most expensive pieces of machinery. Be aware!

Detailing the engine can prevent the owner from unwanted visits to the mechanic, prolong the life of the car and maintain a high economic value of the vehicle at the time of sale. Of course, it is necessary to do the detailing correctly. Not knowing how to detail the motor can damage key parts.

Detailing the engine requires special tools and a minimum of knowledge. We will explain step by step how to detail the car engine in the best possible way.

Tools and products necessary to detail the car engine

To detail the motor, a series of tools and products are needed such as multipurpose microfiber towels, microfiber gloves, special degreasers for the motor, hose, detailing brushes, rinse aid, wax, compressed air or vacuum cleaner, plastic bags to protect parts of the motor and conditioner of plastics and rubbers.

Tips before engine detailing

Many owners do not detail the engine of their car because they are afraid of damaging it. To avoid wearing out the engine, it is very important to use tools that treat the car delicately.  Soaking the engine with degreasers must be avoid. Other precautions also need to be taken, such as cooling the engine before cleaning.

Finally, areas that can break on contact with water must be covered, such as the alternator, filters and engine air intake. In general, all parts that may suffer a short circuit must be protected. Use plastic bags. It is also convenient to cover the polished aluminum parts as they can be marked by the action of the degreaser. We must not forget to remove all the plastics afterwards .

engine detailing

How to detail the motor

Let’s explain how the engine is detailed.

First you will have to get rid of all the residues that can be seen with the naked eye, such as dry leaves and mud. It can be done with a vacuum cleaner or with compressed air. Once this is achieved, the engine must be degreased with a powerful degreaser. Let it act and remove it with a soft towel. DO NOT use household degreaser, it can be harmful. You have to use specific products for the car. You can lower the product with water, although it is better to apply it directly to the dirtiest areas.

After removing the degreaser and dirt with the hose water, the rest of the engine must be detailed by hand. It is best to use a wash glove specially designed for the engine detailing task. If there are places that cannot be reached, a detailing brush can be used.

The goal is for all parts of the engine to be clean and free of grease.

When the desired clean appearance has been obtained, it is time to dry. A blower can be used to reach all corners of the machine. For the most accessible parts you can use a towel. It is important not to leave any part wet to avoid possible damage.

Once the motor is dry, it must be polished and waxed. This is the final touch that will make the car rejuvenate for years. A tip: it is better to use heat resistant products so that they do not spoil once the engine is on.

So, why is engine detailing important?

Referring to the initial question, we will finally answer why it is important to detail the engine.

We have already discussed that a detailed motor is a neat motor, protected from deterioration and retaining its economic value for possible resale. But, in addition, detailing the engine identifies small damages or leaks in the components.

However, there are certain risks in detailing the engine without prior knowledge. We can damage electronic components with water or wet parts that could be damaged if they are not dry.

For this reason, it is highly advisable to have the services of a professional retailer who deals with car cleaning. In this way, good engine maintenance will be ensured.

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